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Recording Studio


Voice Over


Instrument Recording

You require a space to record your Vocals, Voice Overs, Film Dubbing or Instrument Recording? Our high-end Recording studio is built to accommodate all your studio needs. Our high-class equipment is just the thing you will need to record your stuff. So, pick up your phone and call us or just fill in the inquiry form, book an appointment with us and Studio is all yours. Our expert technicians are all eager to help you while you are here.


Music Compositions and Arrangements

Movie / Cover Song

Background Scrores

TV / Radio Jingle

Music Albums

Compositions are soul of any Song and arrangement is the heart beat. As an artist or as a film maker or as a music lover you always want your song to be remembered for a long time. At Rezonance, we feel and believe in the same formula. Music is eternal part of our life’s, and we strongly believe our music should be a game changer. Our Award-winning Music composers are here to help you give exact meaning to your story through music. Our expertise is not just with the songs but we create magic with Background Music as well. We are just not limited, you can also collaborate with us for TV/Radio Jingles, Music Albums or Cover Songs. We love doing the music and you will love our Music too, because that’s our Forte’.

Sound Designing



Sync / Location Sound

Sound enriches your Movie, short film or documentaries, and we at Rezonance Studio do it with the full conviction. Creating a sound is an art and we are the artist who do it with the heart. Don’t worry if you are shooting, be it any place, with our high-end technical equipment we are ready to capture your sound, clear and pure.

Sound Design

Film 5.1 / 7.1 Pre-Mix

You are doing film? You must be aware you need to give best sound experience to your theater viewers, right? don’t worry, we will not let you down, Rezonance Studio is here to help you. Our 5.1/7.1 Pre-Mix is just what you needed for your film. So, come and experience sound at our high-tech studio and rest be assured.

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